Zero waste part 2 – the solution.

Despite the overwhelming injustices in the world, my message is a positive one. I spent far too many years believing there was nothing I could do, and that one person’s actions wouldn’t matter anyway. Not anymore!

Since September 2015 I have been on a mission to reduce my landfill waste. It has been an up-and-down process, full of successes and ‘let’s try again tomorrow’s. I have reduced my waste down to the size of a jam jar a month, give or take a little depending on the circumstances. Just in the 4 months I’ve been at this I have cut out so many disposable items from my life without too much inconvenience, and prevented a ridiculous amount of rubbish from polluting the earth and destroying lives.


What’s the point if you’re just a drop in the ocean? I came from a place of thinking the solution had to come from the law, and to a point I still do. But I for one cannot wait for anyone else; I am taking charge of the waste I produce and trying to cut it down. I may not be making a huge impact on my own, but there is a large community of zero waste enthusiasts online, and every time we whip out our reusable canvas shopping bags or refuse a straw in a bar it adds up and we raise awareness locally too. The only reason I am here writing this now is because someone dared to share with me what she had learned. She has no idea that she inspired me to this day.

I really hope if anyone’s reading this, that they will want to see if they can make even a small change to their waste habits for the sake of the world. Stay tuned if so!


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