Zero waste for beginners.

A few of my zero waste bathroom tools

So you’re in, you’ve decided this lark might be for you. What next? It can be good to drum up a bank of inspiration, a collection of videos and articles to remind you why you’re doing this in the first place; that way when you’re finding it hard, you’ll remember that you’re not alone and that you’re part of something good, and possible. Also, sometimes the answers don’t come to you, but thankfully there are people who have already found them (win!) Here are a few places to start on your zero waste adventure:


Lauren Singer is a New York based zero waster who runs a blog called Trash is for Tossers. This video is a short explanation of what she does and how she does it.

Blogger Béa Johnson shows us here how simple it can be to shop at the supermarket without disposables


Plastic Free by Beth Terry was a massive eye-opener, and she writes in such a friendly style. She’s all about not beating yourself up and having fun on this journey, it really leaves you inspired!

Zero Waste Home by Béa Johnson, is more of a practical guide as to how to navigate pretty much any situation waste-free!


ECO BOOST is a great blog following fellow Londoner Kate, who posts tips on ethical clothing, as well as zero waste restaurants and products.

Paris to go written by Ariana has a unique take on Zero Waste. It’s nice to have a variety of different influences because there is more than one way to make this lifestyle work. It’s also intriguing to see how it might be done in France.

Andrea writes Near-O-Waste, from the US with a family of two. Another great example of how this lifestyle can be done in different places and circumstances

Youtube Channels:

Detrashed makes short videos on products (previous subjects include water bottles, toothpaste and cling-film) showing you how you can swap bad practices for zero waste ones. It is funny and cheerful and just what you need to start small and work your way up.

Trash is for Tossers, as mentioned above, belongs to Lauren Singer. There aren’t many videos on this channel but the homemade alternatives she demonstrates are so simple and lovely that it’s good inspiration at least.

Be sure to see my other Zero Waste links here for even more resources.


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