Thoughts on clothes.

The bulk of my day-to-day wardrobe

I love clothes. They are how I express my creative side. I curated a wardrobe full of fun and inspiring pieces that suited my moods from day to day. But even with my wardrobe rammed full of beautiful items, I was never satisfied with what I had. Sure, I liked most of the clothes I had, I’d bought them after all. But did I wear half of it? No. Did I spend every evening trawling websites to find that new [insert clothing item here] that would ‘complete’ the collection? You bet. The nature of fashion these days teaches us that we must constantly update our wardrobes, and that a sale is always to be seized- it’s a never-ending cycle of buy, toss, buy, toss. My research into green living often crosses over with ethical buying, something that has further convinced me not to shop so much/at all on the high street. I never used to question the reason why my clothes cost so little, but I’ve come to understand that there are real people literally paying for these bargains with their well-being, their health, their lives (See the documentary ‘The True Cost’ on Netflix for more on this, it’s a real eye-opener).

Since the beginning of September this year I haven’t bought any clothing, excluding a coat (vintage) and a pair of shoes (ethically and locally produced) that I really did need. Although at first I found myself thinking I have nothing to wear and feeling drab (poor me right?), I have found that I honestly don’t need any more clothes than I own. I like my current, small collection; I look good and feel good, and I can interchange everything. In fact I’ve noticed even now, that there are pieces sitting in my wardrobe almost completely unused. I think a little clear-out is due…

It took perseverance and a conscious decision to avoid window-shopping and to unsubscribe from newsletters, blogs and vlogs centred around buying clothes. It was a massive change, but it has been great for me. Realising that it doesn’t matter what you look like that much, that no one even notices that you’re wearing the same stuff over and over, as well as freeing up time and money are but three of the reasons I’ll be doing my best to keep it up.




2 thoughts on “Thoughts on clothes.

  1. Lizzie 16/02/2016 / 8:40 pm

    Could definitely relate to this! I’ve found the more simple and minimalistic I make my life the easier it is to be happy. Look forward to you next post! – Lizzie


    • Lydia 17/02/2016 / 11:49 am

      YES! It goes against everything I used to think, but you’re so right! Thanks for coming on board Lizzie 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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