5 things this Monday…


  1. When I saw this aubergine rogan josh curry recipe, I fell in love! I didn’t know it was SO easy to make chapatties! Aubergines aren’t in my usual repertoire which is why I’m definitely going to give this a go.
  2. I wasn’t in a particularly emotional mood when I started watching, but I definitely welled up towards the end of this TED Talk by two teenage sisters from Bali who managed to convince the governor to make the country plastic bag free by 2018. They are so hungry for justice and they were prepared to go extreme for their cause. It was such a breath of fresh air to watch, and why I am convinced that while this world is full of bad news, there is just as much if not more good to be found as well.
  3. I’ve never known a subject to be more hushed up than the problems with mass animal farming- I can’t believe I’m still finding out more reasons why it’s bad for the environment! This article I found explains how waste from farms is ruining our oceans.
  4. This flowchart by The Note Passer nicely shows you how to work out whether an item can be composted. It’s always more than you would think!
  5. Andrea Sanders’ instagram is lovely. Package-free food and plastic free, simple homeware never ceases to look good!

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