5 things this Monday…

  1. For those who are interested in second-hand clothes shopping but don’t really like their options at the moment, this is an interesting idea. Thred Up resembles a ‘normal’ clothes shopping website and does deliveries.
  2. Earth Hour falls on the 19th of March (Saturday), and involves switching off your lights between 20:30 and 21:30 (UK time) to show support for the environmental movement. Rather than as an energy saving thing, it’s more of an awareness project. Having a candle-lit dinner or gathering is one of the things WWF recommends to celebrate. If you do take part, be sure to sign up here so that your effort is recorded in the stats and people see how important it our planet is to us!
  3. This website I found suggests ideas for recycling/reusing the more obscure items that would usually go straight in the bin. From video tapes to pistachio shells, cereal boxes to overripe fruit, it’s worth checking in on here before chucking or composting anything, and you can even ask about items that haven’t been discussed yet. Very pleased with this find.
  4. One Green Planet is a great place to keep in the loop as far as environmental news goes, but today I just want to draw attention to the Crush Plastic page. If there’s one type of waste worse than any others, it has to be plastic. This page has a healthy mix of hopeful news of people fighting against the pervasive plastic production, and not so hopeful news of the effects of plastic pollution to remind us to keep going. Worth a look every once in awhile I’d say!
  5. Vegan rainbow unicorn cupcakes– need I say more?! They’re raw which means no baking, and they look to die for! I then went onto Kristina’s website, and looked at all her desserts… I’m inspired. I’m hungry.

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