5 things this Monday…

Have a picture of spring. Go on.
  1. The Youtube channel All Time 10s makes lists of interesting facts about all sorts of topics in- you guessed it- 10s. Here are 10 facts about meat production that ‘could turn you vegetarian’ at least. Obviously there is no obligation to take any action after watching this (and it’s not gory) but it’s good to be aware of the facts in any case.
  2. This article based on evidence from Oxford University, claims that climate change will kill about half a million people by 2050. Real and devastating effects have begun and will continue to worsen if we don’t do something, and now.
  3. This next one is something I have on my list of next things to tackle in my life: sending less waste to compost. Here are a few tips on using roots and stems from vegetables and making the most out of the food we buy and grow.
  4. The Picture of Mary, a danish blog (in English) shares a recipe for zero waste crisps! Not an effort I would go to regularly, but I would definitely try it for a treat.
  5. I’m including this last link in here because it describes in a way I couldn’t articulate, that every purchase we make is a vote for the kind of world we want to live in. Every time you buy from an unethical unecological company “you’re standing up and clapping long enough to encourage an encore, and an encore is exactly what we get.” Read the whole post here.

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