Dinners inspired by recipes.

I’m a massive fan of Pinterest, and it has been my favourite place to search for vegan versions of all sorts of meals and desserts recently. I would definitely advise taking a look at some vegan meal boards or searching up specific alternatives if you’re lacking inspiration.

The title kinda sums up my approach to recipes: What I end up making is normally inspired (sometimes very loosely) by the recipe rather than what you would get if you followed it to the letter. This is DEFINITELY not because I know better than the amazing people that created the recipes, but rather because I like to keep things 1) simpler and 2) cheaper. Very rarely do I use ALL the ingredients in a given list. But each to their own; you just have to make things work for you and be realistic.

Here are 2 common dinners that I cook, accompanied by the link to their original recipe….


One Pot Tandoori Quinoa – I first tried this a few weeks ago, my main attraction to the recipe being that you can put everything in one pot/wok and just leave it to cook, WIN! It came out such I vibrant colour due to the curry powder and turmeric I added, and tasted awesome.

Link to original recipe here


Masala Lentils and Rice – There are a lot of spices that I didn’t have for this recipe, but the basis is there, and it’s totally fine to use what you have. I added a massive wedge of lettuce for the greens- so filling, so tasty.

Link to original recipe here



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