5 things this Monday…


EXCITING NEWS! UK restaurant Zizzi has released a new spring menu which includes  gluten-free and vegan options for lots of meals, including PIZZAAAAA! Now to (not so) subtly redirect all friend and family gatherings there…

More random vegan news, particularly of interest to those feeling the loss of bacon from their lives- it’s early days, and it might be hard to source, but there’s a seaweed 2x healthier than kale (my one true love) that apparently tastes like bacon when cooked. You’re welcome.

A day late for actual Easter Sunday, but everyone knows chocolate eating is still socially acceptable for many weeks to come, right? I was super excited to find this vegan, palm-oil free recipe for creme eggs!

With a lot of fruits I have to be honest, I pick them up and hope for the best. This article about how  to tell when 8 fruits are at their tastiest was massively helpful. Yay to not floundering in complete darkness anymore!

The image at the top of this post is 1 of 3 depicting the devastating effects of deforestation, forest fires and melting ice caps. Beautiful and sad, but great to see artists raising awareness.


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