5 things this Monday…

  1. Why not start with some humour! I’m a fan of Marcus Brigstocke, but you can’t not be a fan of the way he talks about climate change in this talk, which is hilarious but doesn’t skirt around the truth. The Dr. Seuss style poem on how climate change summits go down is a particular highlight!

2. The Beauty in Simple outlines how living zero waste refines your cupboards, bedroom, shelves and wardrobes not into sparse, boring places, but beautiful and simple ones. As if there were any more reasons to be more environmentally friendly, this post appeals to our love of good-looking homes, with good old decluttering.

3. This article from the Guardian is entitled ‘The supermarkets take us for mugs. And we let them‘ and exposes the way own brand products are branded with english sounding names of fictitious farms to make us think they were produced locally, when they actually come from overseas. Particularly a problem among animal products, but it’s good to be aware of the fact that branding is first and foremost designed to sell, often at the expense of honesty.

4. Next up we have a few myths vs. truths about zero waste living. The way this post is written really captures the essence of why it is worth trying to reduce your waste: it really is easier, healthier and empowering! But take it from someone else 🙂

5. Finally, I know I am healthier as a vegan, but what about athletes- could you sustain an intense fitness regime on a plant-based diet? Definitely. Here are some tips from a vegan endurance athlete on how he does it!


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