London discoveries #1: Ms. Cupcake

On the weekend I visited a 100% vegan bakery called Ms. Cupcake. I think we all know what happened next…



I think I was quite restrained as I only came out with TWO items, (someone back me up!) a red velvet cupcake and a caramel pecan cookie sandwich. Both were delicious. There’s not really a great amount to say here, I knew they would be good. I have a sweet tooth, so I happily chowed them both down no sweat, but they don’t skimp on the taste. I honestly wouldn’t have been able to tell you they were vegan if I didn’t already know. By any standards, they were up there with the best bought cakes I’ve had.

I still plan on doing some vegan baking of my own, (I baked fairly regularly as an eggs/dairy eater) but in the meantime/when I can’t be bothered, I’ve found my solution! Thanks Ms. Cupcake!

Ms. Cupcake


408 Coldharbour Lane
Brixton, London


Opening hours:

Sunday-Wednesday 10-7

Thursday-Saturday 10-8



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