5 things this Monday…



  1. Firstly, I actually tried out this recipe yesterday from Jamie Oliver’s Youtube for the Ultimate Veggie Burrito comprised of lentils and plantain, and even though I didn’t have all the ingredients, it was still delicious!
  2. I came across a new blog this week too- Going Zero Waste! I found this article on shopping zero waste online very useful. It just requires a little extra organisation and communication basically, but many sellers/shops are willing to send products plastic-free. It’s always worth asking.
  3. Friday the 22nd of April was Earth Day in case you missed it- here are 8 ways to make every day Earth Day and why it matters. Great tips for starting a greener lifestyle.
  4. The Note Passer made an adorable diagram showing how to make zero waste coffee (mainly by replacing disposable equipment and using natural ingredients). I’m not a coffee drinker but thought it might be of use!
  5. Finally, you can never hear about too many zero waste advocates. Sometimes you can feel like the only one doing it, but this article from the Guardian proves that the movement is gaining momentum every day and that being perfectly waste-free is not realistic for the vast majority of us (which releases us from the fear of failure).

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