London discoveries #2: Cornercopia


I took a walk through Brixton Village recently, as it had been quite a while since I’d last seen what was in there. I approached this plain-ish looking frontage and there were gorgeous multi-coloured handmade candles displayed outside. When I popped in I thought it was going to be a gift shop, but I spotted a selection of Redecker brushes (including my dish brush) and realised that this place has all sorts of plastic-free homeware!

I didn’t come away with anything on my trip, as I am trying not to buy impulsively, but I plan to revisit when I run out of bar soap, as well as to invest in a cast-iron pan and a plastic-free dustpan and brush during the summer.

Cast-iron pots and pans, brooms, kitchen utensils, and bar soaps to name but a few of their stock, Cornercopia is a must-visit if you are transitioning to more eco-friendly home equipment or setting yourself up for the first time. I would highly encourage checking this shop out if you’re based in South London (or even London, as it’s so close to Brixton tube station) because I saw things here  I’ve only seen online previously, and shopping in store saves on the pollution and packaging created by delivery.

Cornercopia Homestore


Units 37-38, 2nd Avenue
Brixton Village


Opening hours:

Wednesday-Sunday 11-6


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