New pen.


Ever since I read Béa Johnson’s article on her zero waste pen, I have had my eyes peeled online for a pen I can refill from a glass ink bottle and use FOREVER! (I’m really excited about this if you can’t tell). My plan was to find a decently priced one in the autumn and ask someone to buy it for me for Christmas, then a couple of weeks ago I went to Spitalfields antique and vintage market and everything went out the window…

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This guy called Ray had a stall there with about a hundred pens in different sizes and colours, and as I passed I could hear him explaining all about the differences between them. When I approached the table I asked if he did pens with a converter that you could refill and he proceeded to ask me questions about what kind of look I was going for, how frequently I wanted to use it etc. before he pulled out the most gorgeous pen I’ve ever seen. I like to think of it as a ‘wand chooses the wizard’ moment, cos before that point- I have to be honest- I was only really thinking of getting the cheapest pen I could find. Maybe I’m just over excited but once I saw it I just felt it was the only one for me! That’s the closest I’ll ever get to a the Harry Potter dream in my head..

More than 2 weeks in, I’ve gotten a fair bit of use out of my new pen and I am as pleased with the look, comfort and writing quality as when I first tried it (and I HAVEN’T LOST IT YET!) Really hoping to hang on to this baby for a long time.

If you’re based in London, here are the deets.



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