Do YOU believe it’s possible?


I recently heard someone talking about change. She said if you want to see something transformed, beit yourself or the world, you have to believe that it can be changed in the first place.

It just made me think, do I believe the world can be changed? I think that often- all too often, unfortunately- I forget to believe that. I start believing only what I can see in front of my eyes. I was cycling yesterday and I saw a woman open the door of the car she was about to get out of, and toss a load of tissues out onto the road before she stepped down. It made me really angry to see. It’s important to be passionate about injustice, sure, but I don’t seem to register the hopeful news in the same way sometimes. It’s about where you choose to look.

So, back to the question- do I believe the world can be changed? Wholeheartedly yes. If I didn’t think that, I don’t think I would try so hard on a personal level. I don’t think I would be here reaching out to more people. The sheer fact that I have come to this point in my life where I being kind to the planet is one of my top priorities is testament to the fact that change is happening! Little over a year ago I was consuming a great deal more, and I knew virtually nothing about the impact. If this can happen to me, it can happen to other unsuspecting people (haha!)

I came across this video this morning, which I suspect I will save somewhere so I can return to it when I’m low on hope and motivation. Narrated by Morgan Freeman (I’ve already hooked you in!), it describes the world we strive for and how we can get there. Big steps or small, the key is to keep moving. Enjoy.


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