Just V Show

It only seems natural to document somewhere I went over a month and a half ago now right?! Right?! That’s what I thought! On the 10th of July I headed down to Kensington Olimpia for Just V Show, a fair exhibiting vegetarian and vegan products (mainly food). Here are 3 brands I learned about that day:

Jollyum is a soya-based ice cream that comes in 4 flavours: strawberry, double chocolate, maple + pecan and passion fruit + chocolate. I may or may not have sampled all four for research purposes… As far as non-dairy ice cream goes, the texture and taste were up there with the best of them. I managed to pick up a tub from Holland and Barrett recently, but you can find a full list of stockists here.

Seeds of Change do pasta and pasta sauces mainly. They were handing out bowls of tomato and basil sauce on penne at the event, and I was expecting it to taste pretty standard, but you really do notice that they put quality ingredients in their sauces. They use organic produce, so you can put your money where your mouth is when it comes to supporting products that don’t damage the environment, and the prices are quite competitive. You can find their products in most supermarkets.

Finally, I impulse bought a MARSHMALLOW LOLLY from Ananda Foods partly because I couldn’t resist how yummy they looked, and also cos I don’t think I’d yet come across marshmallows without gelatine in them- plus I’ve never had a marshmallow lolly in my life let alone now! I meant to document the whole event and totally forgot, but surprise surprise I have a picture of this lolly!


I can’t remember what flavour the actual marshmallow was, but there was a layer of caramel on top of it, then a generous slathering of chocolate AND SPRINKLES! 🙂 Ananda is based in Derbyshire, see her website here.


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