London Discoveries #3: Labour and Wait

I’ve been on a mission this summer to stock my home with equipment and utensils that are better for the environment. The search has led me to various places, (mentioned here and here) and Labour and Wait had been on my radar for a while. I actually thought they were just an online shop to begin with, and then I realised it’s based in Shoreditch- I needed no more excuses than that!

Labour and Wait specialises in homeware made from natural or hard-wearing materials, from wooden brushes of all shapes and sizes to enamel kitchen items. I went through the website and wrote down the items I planned to buy before going, as I’m trying not to impulse buy.


Firstly, I bought this set of 4 bottle brushes on a key ring (to which I added my straw brush, pictured). As I have a collection of different sized bottles for homemade juice and storing grains, these’ll come in handy.


The second and final thing I bought was this plastic-free dustpan and brush set. The aluminium dust pan is actually pretty cool (I know, I just said those words about a dust pan); it sits flush with the floor for easy sweeping, and the handle is surprisingly ergonomic. It’s also really lightweight which I wasn’t expecting either. The wooden brush is all natural, but unfortunately made out of boar-hair which I didn’t think to check and later read on the receipt, woops.

Labour and Wait prides itself on stocking products of value and that’s something of a rarity nowadays. I’m definitely keeping it in mind for my future household needs.


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