1 year on: Diva Cup

So I had an idea to start a new series. I’m just about reaching a point where I have been using certain green products for a year. As I get to that point with each of them, I’ll stick up a review. That way I know I won’t be recommending anything that I haven’t thoroughly tried. It might be that I think I’m going to continue using it for years to come, or I think I’d rather try something else- we’ll see!

The first thing I’m gonna review is actually something I started using about 4 years ago now, although it doesn’t feel like it! Funnily enough I bought one completely unaware that 3 years down the line I would be actively trying to avoid waste, I think I was attracted to the ease and savings.


The Diva Cup is a menstrual cup, meaning that rather than using tampons or sanitary towels on my period, I simply insert this cup. For average flows you only have to empty twice a day (morning and evening). It took quite a few cycles to get used to exactly how to insert it properly and I had a few mishaps, but now I’ve got it down I’ll never go back!


I think I paid around £20 for my cup, which at the time was quite an expense. However, it pretty much pays for itself in a few months. I can’t even imagine how much money I’ve saved in 4 years- I actually don’t even remember how much pads cost!


On their website, Diva Cup advise that you inspect your cup for signs of wear and assess for yourself when to replace it. I have had mine for pretty much bang on 4 years and I know plenty of people who’ve been using theirs for years as well. I do plan on replacing mine soon though.

Verdict (keep or move on?):

I would thoroughly recommend the Diva Cup as it is a perfect solution for waste-free periods. Even aside from the eco credentials, it has transformed the time of the month from having to be careful where I go and what I do to carrying on as normal, even swimming and playing vigorous sport. I don’t suffer from major pain generally on my period, but my level of discomfort has dramatically reduced since I stopped using toxic sanitary towels.

I am firmly committed to menstrual cups, but I plan on trying out another cup for a few reasons. 1) aspects of the design make it harder to keep clean than other cups 2) I want to find out if another shape/texture would suit me better. Basically I would go back to the Diva Cup, and use it for years to come, but I want to try other things.


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