No spend October


Yeah… So this is happening.

Somewhat (read: very) reluctantly I have decided to tackle my spending habits head on. In September 2015 I vowed not to buy any more clothes for as long as I could, and with the exception of a coat (honestly a necessity) I lasted the all the way until April 2016. It actually became easy after a while, and I got to know my style- I even got rid of stuff! I’m not technically doing that ‘challenge’ anymore, but I still rarely buy clothes (and now I am far better at knowing whether it’s just an impulse buy to fill a void).

I have noticed however that over the summer, in my quest to build up my eco-friendly homeware collection, I may have just replaced one obsession (clothes and general stuff) with another (wooden stuff, stainless steel and jars). Yes, I may be buying almost exclusively secondhand, but having more than I need isn’t good for me or the planet.

You know you’re onto something when the thought of challenging a habit makes you feel nervous (me right now) whilst the feeling you get from buying yet another jar (I know, I’m sad!) gives me a buzz.

I’m going to start off with a realistic set of rules for this one month challenge, as I don’t want to be so restrictive that it changes the way I socialise, but here’s what I’ve come up with as an initial goal:


  • food
  • drinks/food with friends
  • experiences


  • clothes
  • items

My plan is to see how this goes, then feedback at the end of the month. In a weird way I’m both apprehensive and excited for the results!


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