5 things this Monday…

Would you look at that soapy goodness. (Source)

Hello friends! Some things that inspired me this week…

  1. Imy from Sustainably Vegan shares how to buy from bulk shops using your own bags and jars. Her style is so laid back and inviting! I have been meaning to try out Wholefoods when I’m in London but I have to admit I’ve been scared to just rock up with my containers when I don’t know their systems. Now I know I was just being silly, and I can’t wait to walk into that room choc full of everything you could ever want package-free! Check out the video, it looks great!
  2. When I read this homage to bar soap, I got that feeling. You know when you read something that is so you that you have to do a double take?! (tell me I’m not the only one!) I guess what I mean is, I kind wish I’d written this! I am the world’s biggest convert to bar soap, there’s nothing getting between us, and it totally deserves a massive article just to sing its praises. If you’re not yet convinced, give it a read. I dare ya.
  3. Forbes online tells us 9 things we can do about climate change. What I like about these suggestions is that they’re nice and simple. I’m planning on focusing on a few at a time and becoming more conscious when I’m shopping and travelling etc.
  4. This article dissects the craziness of our society which has taken disposables to a ridiculous level of superiority. Let’s be honest, when did we ever really need the invention of disposable plates or kitchen roll anyway? Some of the things we no longer even notice, actually have reusable alternatives, and it doesn’t mean a reduction in comfort or convenience.
  5. And finally, this post had me at its title: DIY chocolate tooth powder! CHOCOLATE GUYS! When I run out of my bicarb and coconut oil toothpaste, I’m switching over to this for the spring 🙂

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