Small efforts.

I’m back with a winter edition of Small efforts! Take a look at the things I’ve been doing recently…


  1. This dish brush was the first Redecker dish brush I ever bought, with the handle (see here) about 3 years ago now, in France! My life looks so different now, and I’ve since replaced the head, but I still have that original brush head and use it to clean my wellies and football boots. A tray of warm water and some elbow grease later and the boots are as clean as can be!


2. This bungee cord goes over the top of my bike basket to secure anything I put inside it. As you can see, it took a beating and the outer layer started deteriorating suddenly, exposing all the elastic. I was tempted to buy a brand new one when I thought ‘No! This is an easy fix! If there’s one thing I can do, it’s this.’ I looked in my ridiculous sewing stash and inevitably found some elastic thick and long enough to replace the bungee, and I’ve been using it for weeks 🙂



3. Very excited to wear this dress over the Christmas season and beyond! I bought it in a charity shop about a month ago for a fiver (steal!) but it was a few sizes too big. I tried it on in the changing room to see whether it would be practical to alter and decided to go for it. I took the sides in by an inch or so, then elasticated the waist, and I’m really happy with the outcome! Definitely need to work on my altering skills because it’s a bit clumsy, but wearable nonetheless 🙂


4. Normally, I either take my bike to the repair shop (money) or ask my boyfriend to sort my punctures (laziness). Last week, I was challenged by a friend to do it myself. You know what? It’s a bit of a faff, but it was easy enough! After repairing a whopping 3 punctures in one week (talk about a baptism by fire!) I figured the inner tube and tyre on my back wheel could do with replacing altogether. I have to admit, riding around on a bike you fixed yourself does feel pretty sweet!


5. Last Christmas, I saved a significant amount of wrapping paper from gifts I received from and gave to my immediate family. This Christmas I’m using it again! Pretty much everyone in our house used brown/packing paper to wrap their stuff last year which was awesome because even the stuff I didn’t keep went into the recycling, but this time round I just have to root through my bag for something that fits! I even saved these gold and red trimmings so they’re not just plain. Very happy with how cute they look! #ZeroWasteWin


Small efforts.

Writing posts seems to be beyond me recently, my head space is not really ideal. But that doesn’t mean that I’ve stopped trying. Here are some little ways in which I’ve been trying to be healthier, happier and better to the planet in the last week or so…

Screenshot 2017-04-27 at 16.05.43.png

Not zero waste (weetabix came in cardboard and paper, raspberries in a plastic punnet) but I’ve been feeling pretty down this week and eating well has helped no end. I made this insanely yummy stew the other day that had 7 vegetables, 2 types of lentils and filled me up like you’d never believe! At least my body can be happy and I don’t have the added burden of feeling so sluggish.


My student loan came and I invested in some good tech that should last longer than the rubbish cables you get with your phone which are designed to last approximately 5 minutes. These House of Marley earphones are made from FSC certified wood, have fabric covered cords for durability I love them.


In my quest to lead a slower, more conscious life, books are making a comeback. Reading calms me down in a way a million Netflix shows couldn’t come close to doing. And the same goes for knitting (another hobby I’m pouring time into at the moment). There’s something about committing yourself to the process and being completely absorbed which I’m only really learning the true value of now.


A selfie?! On my blog?! I know, I know- but how else do I talk about my crazy hair! Chopping it all off was the best decision I ever made for its health, but the growing out process has been long. A year and a half in, and I can put it up in a ponytail, but I mainly just leave it to do its thing (above). I like the way it does whatever it likes, and watching how my natural, untamed hair in its full glory.


Thanks for reading, friends 🙂