Hi! I am Lydia, a 21-year-old French and Spanish student living between London and Southampton (home and university). I created this blog in January 2016 to share my discoveries about all things eco and vegan as well as my general quest to live healthily and happily!

Why zero waste?

Zero waste is a lifestyle pioneered by Béa Johnson (google her!) and means aiming to produce no land-fill waste. Much of the waste we produce can be avoided by making small changes to our lifestyles. I first came across the movement in July 2015 and since then, have been giving it a good go! It is so refreshing to take charge of my environmental impact!

Why veganism?

Whilst learning how to be better to the earth, it became clear to me that veganism played a huge part! Not only is it the key to the future of the planet, but it has significant health benefits and means living more ethically. Veganism means not eating animal products (meat, eggs, dairy etc.) but what I have gained in energy, fitness and knowledge far outweigh what I ‘gave up’. I am quite new to veganism, so you will be learning along with me!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me here- lydia.calder@hotmail.co.uk