London Discoveries #4: Cookies and Scream


I mean, the excited Snapchat picture says it all, right? Me and my brother and sister went to Camden recently to wonder around the market, and maybe I was just a little bit excited to have an excuse to try out this bakery- just a little.

Cookies and Scream is tucked away in the Camden Lock market (I may have circled around and got a bit lost trying to find it…) squeezed in between a load of other food places. There is a little seating area just opposite it but it’s quite crowded in there so I took my food outside. There were brownies, cookies, milkshakes and all sorts of other glorious baked goods. I went for the conservative choice of chocolate chip ice cream sandwich, obviously, and it was literally heaven. Forget vegan, that may have been one of the best things I’ve ever eaten. Ever.

All their products contain soya and traces of nuts, so steer clear if you have an allergy to those, but Cookies and Scream is 100% gluten-free and vegan 🙂 Do drop by if you find yourself in the area.


London Discoveries #3: Labour and Wait

I’ve been on a mission this summer to stock my home with equipment and utensils that are better for the environment. The search has led me to various places, (mentioned here and here) and Labour and Wait had been on my radar for a while. I actually thought they were just an online shop to begin with, and then I realised it’s based in Shoreditch- I needed no more excuses than that!

Labour and Wait specialises in homeware made from natural or hard-wearing materials, from wooden brushes of all shapes and sizes to enamel kitchen items. I went through the website and wrote down the items I planned to buy before going, as I’m trying not to impulse buy.


Firstly, I bought this set of 4 bottle brushes on a key ring (to which I added my straw brush, pictured). As I have a collection of different sized bottles for homemade juice and storing grains, these’ll come in handy.


The second and final thing I bought was this plastic-free dustpan and brush set. The aluminium dust pan is actually pretty cool (I know, I just said those words about a dust pan); it sits flush with the floor for easy sweeping, and the handle is surprisingly ergonomic. It’s also really lightweight which I wasn’t expecting either. The wooden brush is all natural, but unfortunately made out of boar-hair which I didn’t think to check and later read on the receipt, woops.

Labour and Wait prides itself on stocking products of value and that’s something of a rarity nowadays. I’m definitely keeping it in mind for my future household needs.

London discoveries #2: Cornercopia


I took a walk through Brixton Village recently, as it had been quite a while since I’d last seen what was in there. I approached this plain-ish looking frontage and there were gorgeous multi-coloured handmade candles displayed outside. When I popped in I thought it was going to be a gift shop, but I spotted a selection of Redecker brushes (including my dish brush) and realised that this place has all sorts of plastic-free homeware!

I didn’t come away with anything on my trip, as I am trying not to buy impulsively, but I plan to revisit when I run out of bar soap, as well as to invest in a cast-iron pan and a plastic-free dustpan and brush during the summer.

Cast-iron pots and pans, brooms, kitchen utensils, and bar soaps to name but a few of their stock, Cornercopia is a must-visit if you are transitioning to more eco-friendly home equipment or setting yourself up for the first time. I would highly encourage checking this shop out if you’re based in South London (or even London, as it’s so close to Brixton tube station) because I saw things here  I’ve only seen online previously, and shopping in store saves on the pollution and packaging created by delivery.

Cornercopia Homestore


Units 37-38, 2nd Avenue
Brixton Village


Opening hours:

Wednesday-Sunday 11-6

London discoveries #1: Ms. Cupcake

On the weekend I visited a 100% vegan bakery called Ms. Cupcake. I think we all know what happened next…



I think I was quite restrained as I only came out with TWO items, (someone back me up!) a red velvet cupcake and a caramel pecan cookie sandwich. Both were delicious. There’s not really a great amount to say here, I knew they would be good. I have a sweet tooth, so I happily chowed them both down no sweat, but they don’t skimp on the taste. I honestly wouldn’t have been able to tell you they were vegan if I didn’t already know. By any standards, they were up there with the best bought cakes I’ve had.

I still plan on doing some vegan baking of my own, (I baked fairly regularly as an eggs/dairy eater) but in the meantime/when I can’t be bothered, I’ve found my solution! Thanks Ms. Cupcake!

Ms. Cupcake


408 Coldharbour Lane
Brixton, London


Opening hours:

Sunday-Wednesday 10-7

Thursday-Saturday 10-8